Rutland Railway Timetables

15 April 2024

Recently a member of the Rutland-VRS Yahoogroup asked about the timetable from the Rutland for the line that I am interested in.  Employee Timetables are great for deciphering what operations occurred where and what special Read More

Rutland Train Operations memo

13 April 2024

This is a memo from April 23, 1956, announcing the new train symbols and operations times for the Rutland. The copy I transcribed this from is a classic purple and white, now faded, mimeographed document. Read More

Rutland PS-2 uses

13 April 2024

The Rutland purchased 15 Pullman Standard PS-2 two-bay covered hoppers in 1956. Some of the PS-2s were assigned to specific services/shipments. The cars were numbered 500-514. 503 and 507 were assigned to cheese whey between Read More

Updating the Rutland PS-1 Box Car

13 April 2024

Reprinted from the Rutland Railroad Historical Society. Article published in Winter 2014 (Volume 25, Number 4) issue of “The Newsliner.” A comparison of Rutland PS-1 #100, as built and #194, with all updates completed. By Read More

Intermountain PS-1 Box Cars produced

13 April 2024

As I have written about before, the Intermountain PS-1 box car model is the best starting point to build a fleet if you model the Rutland. Yes the Kadee are nice, but there are a Read More

A guide to Rutland RS-3s

13 April 2024

When the Rutland dieselized in 1951-52, it created an image that became a classic for 1950s railway enthusiasts. The Rutland chose three diesels to modernize with: Alco RS-1, Alco RS-3, and the GE 70-tonne switcher. Read More

1000 Islands Railway

4 December 2021

I originally wrote the content for this when I was in high school many years ago. I was a co-op student at the Gananoque Reporter at the time. This was hosted on for many Read More